Kazzar's Slushy syrup mix
is ideal for kids slushy's and cocktails for pubs, clubs or home daiquiri machines and snow cones for parties or venue catering and food trucks
kazzars slushy mix
Kazzar's Cocktails
Slushy machine & Cocktail machine syrup mix ideal for slushie parties, pubs, clubs, venue catering and food trucks
Wholesale Slushy syrups
Kazzar's slushy syrups are locally made using Australian made products, Kazzar's supplies the highest quality slush syrups for your slush machines. ​

Our slush syrup flavour range is extensive, from the popular Blue Lemonade and Strawberry slush syrup to new exciting slush syrup flavours such as Blue Lagoon, Pina Colada and other slushy syrups.
Concentrate ratio of 5:1 That's 5 parts water to 1 part slush syrup making 30 litres per 5 litre bottle.

Kazzar's Slushy Syrup mix is also ideal for Sno-cones, simply use un diluted syrup mix into a sqeeze/sauce bottle and lightly poor onto snow cones as required.
All Kazzar's Cocktails slushy syrup mix is suitable for slushie mix and slush mix syrup, also it is suitable for daiquiri mix, granita mix, snow cone mix, sno-cone syrup & crushed ice syrup mix.

Slushy Spec sheet

Kazzars Slushy Syrup Spec Sheet

A liquid flavoured sugar syrup concentrate for use in granita machines when diluted as per instructions.

In a sanitized container add 5 parts water to 1 part Kazzar's Slushy concentrate and stir well before pouring into machine. Once diluted keep refrigerated below 5°C and use within 7 days.

Net volume per bottle: 5L Outer carton (2x5ltr.) weight: 13.5kgs

In HDPE bottles, with tamper evident caps. The label contains the following information in English: Product name, best before end date, batch number, list of ingredients, mixing instructions and manufacturers contact details.
2 x 5L bottles per carton.

2 years from date of manufacture.

Unopened bottles can be stored at ambient room temperature (15-25oC) in a dry storage area. Once opened the contents should be used immediately.

Water, Sugar, Flavour, Food Acid (330), Colour (133), Stabiliser (415), Preservative (211).


                   Average Quantity per 100g Premix                                    Average Quantity per 100g finished
Energy                     1010kJ (241Cal)                                                                         168kJ (40Cal)
Protein                      0.0g                                                                                              0.0g
Fat, Total                  0.0g                                                                                              0.0g
Saturated                  0.0g                                                                                              0.0g
Carbohydrate            59.3g                                                                                            9.9g
Sugars                       59.3g                                                                                            9.9g
Sodium                       32mg                                                                                            5mg

Gluten containing cereals* = 0 *wheat, oat, barley, spelt & hybrids
Crustacea and their products = 0
Egg and egg products = 0
Fish and fish products = 0
Milk and dairy products = 0
Tree nuts and their products = 0
Sesame and sesame products = 0
Peanuts and peanut products = 0
Soya and soy products = 0
Added Sulphites >10mg/kg = 0
Royal Jelly = 0
Bee pollen = 0
Propolis = 0

Any allergens or sensitive ingredients other than those identified must be brought to the attention of Kazzar's Slushy Syrups prior to supply.

Store in a cool, dry area free from toxic chemicals, odours, insect and rodent infestation. Prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided. The product must be transported in a manner, which does not compromise the quality of the product. The shelf life of the product is 24 months in original, unopened packaging under recommended storage conditions.


The product supplied does not contain Genetically Modified Organisms. (This includes all raw materials and processing aids used in the manufacture the product.) Lecithin used shall be PCR negative. 

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