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The Slushy People

Party Light Package

Add the 5 Pack Special Lighting Party package to any of our Slushy Bookings for $50

Lighten Up: 

Don't pay over $30 each to hire your disco lights

What you get:


Disco Stage Club Effect Lighting Moonflower Features sound rotation which can be adjusted for strength. Also compatible with the DMX-512 for complete customisation of effects. A whopping 343 LED lights is used to create this awesome effect.

Super Fog Machine

The Party Fogger is ideal for parties. For the best party disco affect, the lights reflect off of the hazey fog to create the ultimate disco room.

This Fog Machine meets all Australian and international safety and compliance standards. Includes wired remote.


The super strobe is a classic effect for your Party. Spice up your party with the strobe, it creats a great affect when used with the Fog Machine! The Flash rate can be varied from 1 - 12 flashes per second.

3 Lens 40 Patterns RG Green Red Laser BLUE LED Stage Lighting Bar DJ show Light

The RGY Laser Twinkling light S30 has great beautiful effects for stage, dj, disco, party. It features 3 colour: Red, Green, Red and green blended together to Yellow.

party light package
Party Light Package:
Add the 4 Pack Special Lighting Party package to any of our Slushy Bookings for $50
7 Head LED Moonflower disco lights
Kazzar's Party lights are a small light package that will get the job done. Ideal for kids parties or small gatherings to make your next party light up