the slushy people
The Slushy People

Kazzar's Party Pong or Beer Pong Hire

For Party Hire - $50 Hire (Only when you Hire any Slush Machine)

Hire Includes: 

*22 Beer Pong Cups 

*6 Pong Balls 

Hire of professional 8Ft Tournament Beer Pong Table

  • For Party Pong place confectionery into the Cups for the Little kids :)
  • For Beer Pong use Beer or other beverages to suit your party!!!
  • Always Drink Responsibly! :)

Rules for Playing Beer Pong

How to Play Kazzar's Party Pong or Beer Pong:

Here's a written list of basic beer pong or Party Pong rules as a quick reference.

Beer pong or Party Pong is played with two teams of two people that stand at opposite ends of a beer pong table. Each team has ten or six cups (lesser cups equals quicker game play) arranged in a triangular formation in-front of them, with their choice of beverage poured in. 

Which team starts the game is determined by a coin flip or something similar, once this is determined a person from that team starts...   Basically, The aim, as you take turns, is to throw your ping pong ball into the opposing teams cups. Whichever cup your ping pong ball lands in the opposing team has to drink the contents of, that cup then is put to one side, that cup is now out of the game.

You have your turn then your team mate has his/her turn, then the opposing team will do the same until all of the cups have been removed/consumed from one side of the table, first team to do so wins!!

If this is not clear just have fun with your own rules!!! If this is not clear just have fun with your own rules.

More indepth rules.. 

  1. What size cups do I use? Frosted Beer Pong cups are most common here in Australia or USA style of red cup.  You will have to fill them about a quarter way up or they will tip over if you happen to be playing an opponent whose beer pong shot is comparable to a fastball.
  2. How much beer do I use?! That depends on how fast you plan to be drinking! Most games with 2 person teams use 2 beers in a ten cup game. Of course, you can use as much as fits in the cup if you really want. Just make sure when you sink a cup your opponent drinks his/her beer before shooting.
  3. What do I use to shoot? Our Beer Pong balls are 40mm and are just the right weight for beer pong. They are consistent in the air yet hard to master shooting.
  4. How do I rack the cups? Organize the cups in a triangle formation with the pinnacle of the triangle pointing towards your opponents. Make sure the cups are close to your end of the table and make the rims of every cup touch each other.
  5. OK, so who shoots first? You can flip a coin, or shoot eye-to-eye to determine the first shot. To shoot eye-to-eye, lock your eyes with your opponent and shoot at the same time. Whoever sinks a cup first gets to shoot in the game first.
  6. When do I re-rack? If you are playing ten cup beer pong two or three re-racks are typical. If you want to play a quick last game before you go party, re-rack after every made cup when your side has only four cups out of ten left.
  7. Can I distract the shooters or swat the ball? You can distract your opponents however you please, but touching the ball in mid-air is an automatic one cup penalty. However, you CAN swat the ball if it hits the table (bounce shot) or cup and bounces up!
  8. Are there special throws? Yeah, if you can bounce the ball in a cup without the other team swatting your ball to smitherines, that counts as two cups.
  9. How do I dominate? If you and your partner sink the same cup on your turn, that's an extra cup bonus! If you start a game and don't miss a shot, your team can win the game without even giving the other team a chance!
  10. I lost! Do I get any second chances? There is a re-buddle shot after the last cup is made, so you do have a chance to tie it up and play a three-cup overtime.

Here are a few optional rules you can add to spice up your beer pong games:

  • Death Shot: If you aren't up to the task of drinking your beer before you shoot each turn, your opponent can sink the cup you are drinking! The game is over and you feel shame for not drinking your beer promptly.
  • Celebrity Shot - Spectators who have been eagerly following your game can request a celebrity shot if they are feeling lucky.

10 Tips to win:

  • Don’t get over-intoxicated while playing (unless you are one of the lucky few that actually starts becoming accurate after having a few drinks).
  • Practice shots in your free time (like Tiger Woods)
  • Use the bounce shot carefully! If you’re good, when your opponents look the other way, sneak a bounce in.
  • Talk a little smack, especially if the other team is under a lot of pressure to make the last cup.
  • Show off some body parts as distraction [over 18]
  • Take your time shooting. Of course this is obvious but often overlooked, like a golf shot: sometimes taking your time can win a game or three.
  • Block bounce shots!!!!! These are killer, specially if the opposite team hits the same cup. You will lose very very quickly if you don’t swat those suckers.
  • Get a good team mate. Confidence boosting, congratulatory pats on the back, same-cup sinker shots and opponent intimidation are some benefits…
  • Don’t let your cups be sitting ducks! If you have a few drinks piled up on the table waiting for you to down, make sure you drink them before your opponent sinks a cup that’s not part of the triangle. This could cost you the game depending on what rules you play by!
  • Don’t get too cocky. Yeah you may be good, but girls are pretty good beer pong players too and will usually beat you, even more so if you have a big head.


When you are playing a tournament officially run by one of our team members in your state, the rules are usually as follows.

Shooting:- You MUST be behind the beer pong table at ALL times. - One foot MUST be on the ground at ALL times. - There are no bounce shots.

Scoring:- Each team has two shots (one per player) -If only one player gets a ball in a cup, that cups is removed from the table and it is the other teams turn. - If both players get their balls in separate cups they get ONE more BONUS shot for the team (not each) -If that BONUS ball lands in a cup there is NO more shots allocated to that team. -There are no bounce shots.

Distractions:- You may distract with your hands or feet even mime an action, but at no point must your person obstruct the view of your opponent from his target (cups). - You may not make ANY rude or obscene gestures. - You may not distract by using loud noises, vocal or material. - At no point must your body protrude over the Beer Pong table, this ensures no accidental cup spilling or shot interference occurs. - Any person(s) that verbally or physically crosses a morale line may be disqualified and face police charges. - Racial, sexual or any other discrimination has no part in beer pong and will be dealt with in a serious manner. 

Kazzar's Party Pong'in. Drink responsibly.